I Work with

  • Working with Social media, Marketing, advertising, Linkedin Recruiter
  • Screening candidates, Interviewing candidates, Given technical testing, Candidate feedback, Rapport with candidate-checking his satisfaction after he starts, Bolean search
  • Location: Worked all over Australia, USA, Europe and Carribeans
  • Many clients from US and Europe, Czech banks, Nestle, Seyfor, Alpiq, Goodcall, Tresjobs, Solaris, Tieto, Allianz, Deloitte, Sitecore

IT roles:

Android developer, iOS developer, manual and automated testers, solution architects,.net developer, data engineer, anglular developer, AI prompt engineer, python developer,  autonomous engineer, SAP consultant, Reliability engineer, Project engineer, Project manager, Java team lead, junior+medior+senior developer, java developer, IT developer, application architect, IT analyst, business analyst, integration analyst, integration java developer, react developer, node js developer,Fullstack developer,kotlin developer, frontend developer, IT researcher, kafka engineer, Data ops engineer, PL/SQL engineer, SQL engineer, infrastructure security engineer, javascript developer, cyber security engineer, CCNA engineer, networking enginner, SAP consultant, linux administrator, M365 consultant, Flutter developer, Digital specialist

Marketing roles

Junior marketer, HR manager, Social media manager, PPC specialist, SEO specialist, campaining specialist

Manufacturing roles

Lean engineer, Line manager, QA engineer, operation manager, HR manager, manufacturing engineer


nurses, doctors


Accountants, cleaners, security, translators, teachers

My main goal is to connect high skilled individuals with job opportunities that match their qualitications and interests, also assisting companies in finding the right talent to meet their recruitment needs. This all involve sourcing, screening, interviewing and others activities connected to recruitment process.

Professional Recruiter

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